POLICYNAVIGATION - Your Guide through Politics

We help you to find your way in the mesh of politics, administration, business associations and media. Our team.

We navigate you through political processes and put you in contact with relevant decision makers. Therefore, you can rely on our strong network and our deep understanding especially of all issues touching digitalization.

Analysis – Strategy -  Positioning

Together with our clients we develop focused strategies and clearly structured measures in order to both feed your arguments into political processes and make you participate in the political debate.

Our core competences lie in the fields of data protection, intellectual property, share economy, 3D-printing, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, net neutrality, broadband logistics, media regulation, transformation of business models and markets.

The industries and markets in which we are active are, for example, media companies, e-commerce, eHealth, eMobility, FinTech, the IT industry, telecommunication, and the startup ecosystem with its investment landscape.


                          POLICYNAVIGATION is supporting partner of the project: "Transatlantic Digital Agenda: Bridging the Gap"