The Challenge of “Neuland”

Through the digital transformation, the economy, society, and politics are continually breaking ground on the uncharted territory referred to by the German Chancellor Merkel as “Neuland”. New products and services are constantly emerging, and even entire value chains exist in ever changing variations. Rising connection and processing speeds, as well as the increase of mobile Internet use, lead to large scale systems of sizes previously unknown. This makes it a challenge to keep the increasing amount of data (Big Data) economically and socially manageable.

All this impacts not just one's individual life in the connected digital world, but also the norms of the communal and the economic realm. Therefore new level playing fields must be found.

This holds true not just for already digitalized sectors like the media industry (e.g. written, musical, film, and graphic media), but also increasingly for many other branches like the credit and insurance industries or the energy industry. At the same time, we are at the threshold of possibly the largest upheaval: the digitalization of the physical world itself understood as the Third Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0, 3D-printing/additive manufacturing, consumer goods).

Public Affairs with an Analytical Foundation

A precise understanding of the digital mechanisms and the economic leverage effects which are bound to them is a requirement for the composition of proper political and regulatory frameworks.

For this reason, POLICYNAVIGATION does not confine itself strictly to traditional political communication, but is also intensively engaged with the changes themselves.

Public affairs for the stakeholders of the digital transformation is, in our opinion, always a combination of contentual expertise, political understanding, and an excellent network.