Politische Kommunikation

Political Communication

  • Lobbying concepts and political analyses
  • Political positioning strategy
  • Networking, events and meetings with decision-makers from the Bundestag, ministries and business associations
  • Policy advice
  • Position papers, press releases and statements

Digital Trips

  • Individual curating of trips to the hotspots of the digital transformation such as Silicon Valley, New York, Tel Aviv, China
  • Educational-trips for delegations from the political and business sector
  • Company visits and panel discussions
Strategische Beratung

Strategic Consulting

  • Integrated business research on current and upcoming political topics
  • Time management of political communication
  • Political analysis of business models and value chains
  • Political positioning strategy
Public Affairs

Public Affairs

  • Representation of business interests, emphasizing the public opinion, social factors and media coverage
  • Relationship building between organizations, companies and the political realm
  • Access to political decision-makers
  • Issue management and lobbying


  • Contacts to the key players within the political realm
  • Political and economic dialogue 
  • Political events
  • Round-table and expert talks


  • For political institutions as well as companies and organizations from all sectors
  • Opportunity and risk analyses within debates on digitalization 
  • Shaping branch-specific potentials for the digital transformation 
  • Strategy development and coaching


  • Observation of the political environment
  • Structured evaluation of legislative processes
  • Analysis of position papers and political satements
  • Research on current political and societal developments concerning business-related issues 
  • Stakeholder-monitoring
Political Due Diligence

Political Due Diligence

  • Political risk analysis of business models
  • Reports about political frameworks and processes
  • Political support for market entries and M&A
  • Evaluation of legal, societal and cultural factors for developing a successful business strategy 
Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping

  • Identification of key players within the political environment (politics, organizations, public authorities, media, science, business)
  • Localization of networks
  • Political analysis of competitors
  • Research
Politische Positionierung

Political Positioning

  • Company-specific and topic oriented introduction into the political realm
  • Forming a political and societal profile for businesses
  • Political repositioning
  • Strategic reputation management
Policy Events

Policy Events

  • Event management and schedule coordination
  • Parliamentary breakfasts and evenings
  • Summer festivals and company events
  • Round-table talks
  • Expert forums and workshops
  • Individual representation of interests


  • Political analyses and studies on technological changes and the digitalization
  • Technology marktes, digital markets and political frameworks
  • Political analyses and studies on Industrial Internet (Industry 4.0) strategies
  • Data-based evaluation of relevant market segments